50 Clues: Sunshine Island

50 Clues is an immersive puzzle game that offers the experience of an escape room, but in a format that can be played at home. You combine objects, solve puzzles and decipher codes to complete the story. A smartphone or tablet keeps track of the solutions and provides multistep hints if the need arises.

Part 1: No Sign of Life

With trembling hands and tears in your eyes, you open the sealed cardboard box. ”Day 8,” as your sister called it. ”If you don’t hear from me every week, then I’m in trouble.” She never revealed what her mission was, but she’s a researcher specializing in biological warfare agents for the Armed Forces and the fear in her eyes was unmistakable. This time there was something out of the ordinary. What has happened and how can you help her? Go on a rescue mission in the role of Sigrid.

Part 2: Down in the Depths

The situation has deteriorated from critical to almost impossible. An infectious and deadly fungus has spread on the island of Bornholm. A biological warfare agent that’s out of control. Will you find the results of your sister’s research located in the underground complex in time? If you succeed, then you can prevent a global catastrophe from happening, but a mysterious pharmaceutical company has other plans. Take on a difficult mission in the role of Sigrid and solve the mystery.

Part 3: The Last Journey

Disguised as a soldier, you sail away from Bornholm, where a deadly fungal disease has spread. A test tube and a memory card with your sister’s potential cure for the disease must be handed over to the researcher MALM. He can complete the job and perhaps stop the extremely dangerous infection from spreading. Unfortunately, not everyone wants you to succeed. Gaia agents are also looking for the material and MALM. Take on a challenging mission in the role of Sigrid.

Sunshine Island is designed by Jeppe Norsker in collaboration with Jakob Bang and Published by Norsker Games.

You can buy the games directly from me, if you live in Denmark: norskergames.com

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