50 Clues: The Maria Trilogy

Let the Hunt Begin

50 Clues is an immersive puzzle game that offers the experience of an escape room, but in a format that can be played at home. You combine objects, solve puzzles and decipher codes to complete the story. A smartphone or tablet keeps track of the solutions and provides multistep hints if the need arises.

Part 1: Dead or Alive

As a detective, you have tried to solve the deadly attack on your colleague and her son for the past four years. The main suspect, Maria, got away, but new information has finally emerged. The hunt for Maria can begin.

Part 2: The Secret of the Mark

In an unknown place, children are trapped in the dark. Their abductor is dead, and you need to find the hiding place and save the children before it is too late.

Part 3: Dead or Alive

Years ago, a dead boy mysteriously disappeared after a bomb blast, leaving only traces of blood at the scene. Now, promising clues have shown up, but not everyone wants you to find the boy.

50 Clues: The Maria Trilogy is designed by Jeppe Norsker and Published by Norsker Games.

You can buy the games directly from me, if you live in Denmark: norskergames.com

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