Dairy Game

The purpose of the YOMIN Dairy Game is to spark interest in students towards pursuing an education in dairy engineering at the University of Copenhagen Science. By tracking a product from the development stage to launch, participants gain insight into the exciting tasks and the many opportunities available as a dairy engineer.

During the game, participants can influence decisions and encounter various problems that dairy engineers manage. Teams compete to perform better than other groups in the class. YOMIN is aimed at multiple target groups, primarily high school and undergraduate students. Since we cannot assume participants have a great deal of subject knowledge, there are some help cards designed to equip participants with the information needed to navigate the game's dilemmas. The individuals on the help cards are real-life dairy engineers who, as of early 2018, were employed in the relevant company and position. They demonstrate the diversity of the field with their varied backgrounds.

Read more about the project: dairy-career.dk

Yomin Dairy Game is designed by Jeppe Norsker for Bruun & Partnere.

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