Match Madness Junior

Match Madness Junior is aimed at younger children: The beloved Match Madness has been reimagined for kids aged 4 and up. Players use four blocks each instead of five and there are only four different symbols in the game, reducing the number of options. Like in the original game, players are enhancing their dexterity and observational skills by rotating the blocks to align with the patterns on the puzzle cards.

Featuring 48 Custom-Designed Challenge Cards: These cards are tailored to improve pattern recognition and problem-solving skills in young minds. The 48 puzzle cards come in four varying levels of difficulty, specifically created for younger players.

Gradually Challenging Puzzles for Young Minds: Match Madness introduces progressively challenging puzzles, ideal for young puzzle enthusiasts. The game aids in learning through puzzles that offer hints on the cards. Each puzzle is numbered, with solutions provided in the rulebook, guiding children through each challenge.

Match Madness is designed by Jeppe Norsker and Published by Foxmind Group.

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MCA Winner

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