OTLO Stones

OTLO Stones is an intense brain teaser where up to four players compete to reproduce patterns using two layers of tiles. OTLO Stones challenges your logical skills with multiple levels of difficulty. Solutions are included.

Cognitive stimulation

OTLO Stones offers cognitive stimulation by engaging critical thinking, pattern analysis, and problem-solving skills. By participating in these mental activities, the game effectively stimulates the brain and enhances cognitive function.

For all ages

OTLO Stones is enjoyed by both children and adults alike. Many of the game's top performers are teenagers, as this age represents a period of fresh and rapid thinking capabilities.

Give it away

Otlo Stones is an excellent gift choice as it provides an entertaining and mentally engaging experience, delivering enjoyment, challenges, and a rewarding sense of accomplishment, all in a single package.

Go solo

When playing solo engaging in OTLO Stones can be a great way to unwind and relax. Focusing on solving puzzles can divert your attention from stressful thoughts and provide a much-needed mental break.

Nominated by Mensa in Germany for the MinD Spielepreis 2024

OTLO Games is designed by Jeppe Norsker and Published by Norsker Games. Available for licensing and/or distribution worldwide.

You can buy the game directly from me, if you live in Denmark: norskergames.com

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