Green Career

Green Career is a board game developed by Jeppe Norsker for Bruun & Partners. The client is Danish Agricultural Schools and the technical schools offering Agricultural Education. The purpose of the game is to inform students in upper primary education about the opportunities with an agricultural education.

  • Number of participants: 3-6 per game
  • Target audience: Grade 7 and above
  • Playing time: 45 minutes

Green Career is a board game where you help young people choose educations and start businesses for their own and society's benefit. Depending on your choices, you earn points for the amount of success you create. The ones with the most points when the game ends have won.

In game technical terms, Green Career can be described as a type of "Worker Placement" game, where your workers are young people in education. A unique strategic element is that you can achieve bonuses depending on the investments of the neighboring player. So, if you have invested in a dairy, you earn extra points for both your own and your neighbor's cattle herds. The game is easily accessible, so everyone can join from about the 7th grade level.

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