Engage, Entertain, Educate.

I love game design

I truly enjoy the creative process involved in designing new and engaging games, whether they're for entertainment or educational purposes. My work ranges from developing training simulations for airline pilots and cabin crews, to creating games that help large companies identify talented employees, and even crafting fun experiences for children and adults worldwide. There's immense satisfaction in this diversity, and I love every bit of it.

As a board game designer, my sweet spot is in crafting puzzles and brain burners. I love the intricacies involved in creating games that require strategic thinking and problem-solving. It's all about that moment when players get that 'aha!' moment after wrestling with a particularly challenging puzzle.

I also find great fulfillment in designing educational dilemma games that challenge players to deeply engage with specific topics and make tough choices. These games, often played in teams, encourage diverse perspectives to be shared and considered, fostering a collaborative environment where every voice matters in the decision-making process.

Sharing my games and seeing others enjoy and learn from them is what drives me. Whether it's a complex escape game or a simple yet clever puzzle, I aim to ignite minds and bring people together in the spirit of learning and fun.