CRM Training Tool

The MAYDAY CRM Training Tool is developed for training pilots and cabin crews in making better decisions when faced with unexpected challenges. This tool helps trainees improve their skills in areas such as:

  • Working as a team
  • Communicating effectively
  • Making decisions
  • Leading a group
  • Situational awareness

The game is interactive and responsive. This means that the choices players make will directly influence how the game unfolds. Every decision carries potential outcomes, whether it's introducing risks, creating minor setbacks, or triggering one of the "Dirty Dozen" critical issues. Some choices might lead to significant challenges, while others could prevent a situation from getting worse. Ultimately, the success of the game depends on the team's ability to manage these issues effectively.

The MAYDAY CRM Training Tool is designed by Jeppe Norsker for Copenhagen Game Lab in collaboration with the client: Aeroteam.