Match Madness

Match Madness is a fast-paced puzzle game designed for single-player or multiplayer experience. The core concept of the game is straightforward yet engaging. Players receive a set of five blocks, each with different symbol combinations on their faces. The game also includes a deck of cards, each displaying a specific arrangement of symbols.

The gameplay involves drawing a card from the deck and then players race to arrange their blocks to replicate the pattern shown on the card. The challenge lies in the fact that the patterns must be matched exactly, both in shape and orientation, and players must do this as quickly as possible.

There are varying levels of difficulty among the cards, making the game suitable for a wide range of ages and skill levels. This variability ensures that Match Madness remains challenging and interesting over time. The game tests and improves skills like pattern recognition, spatial awareness, and speed, making it not only fun but also educational.

Match Madness is designed by Jeppe Norsker and Published by Foxmind Group.

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